We are watching the tsunami coming…
Which swimming costume are you going to put on?


Branding Intervention in Public Space

By Gianmaria Gava / Giorgio Palma

Texts (freely adapted from): Unnamed George W. Bush’s Aide, Emil Cioran, Il Manifesto, Mario Andrea Rigoni, Lars von Trier, Richard Wagner

The six photographical subjects of the series Not yet titled capture details of sculptural groups, located in symbolical centers of power in Vienna. As monuments, they usually play an important symbolical role in legitimizing power, letting institutions appear within a mythological context "under the aspect of eternity” (sub specie aeternitatis).

Through an operation of symbolical emptying of such a magic frame, what’s left is the mere allegoric corpse of a narrative that runs by default around an absent, suspended, unnameable core: a matter of insolvency in the production of answers to the pending question, that marks our present.

The quotation fragments render the statues reliable interpreters – as well as  incredulous witnesses – of such a pendency, connected to a paradoxical nostalgia for a “not yet titled” future. From an immeasurable distance, as icons of an eternally re-actualized past, they reflect upon our present, questioning our relationship to it, assuming different postures in the light of the imminent end.

A poetic reflection upon the end of a history that has never stopped to come to an end.