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Downfall Strategies

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The whole event-evening in the Halle G will be structured as a discursive dramaturgy where a constant tension between theatrical/performative moments and theoretical/argumentative insights will shape the rhythm and the mood within the room. The two elements are nonetheless interweaved in such a way as to progressively unveil a hidden, unwritten, unannounced narrative, whose task is to bring the public to both discover the complexity and multiplicity of the debate around the concepts of the end or downfall, and to take part in this very same debate.

Thus, scientific content and experts’ opinions are to be understood, in the frame of the evening, in their ambivalent role, that is to say, on the one hand as truth-oriented pieces of knowledge, which serve as starting points to open up a public debate around the issues at stake, and, on the other hand, as discursive tools to collectively articulate a speculation process about the meaning(s) of words such as “end”, “downfall”, “crisis” in different domains and at various levels of human activity and existence.

Indeed, these words assume quite different meanings and raise very different questions depending on the context they are pointing at. From a more physical and metaphysical level – is the downfall, the breakdown a universal property of every existing system? Aren’t entropy and chaos themselves the ultimate, achieved form of a system as such? – to the most personal dimension – Isn’t The End, that is death, in the end, the very unthinkable origin that funds any attempt to give a meaning to human life? – the various scientific and theoretical contributions are there in order to define, to give a name to the problems and perhaps (if needed, if asked, if possible) to the solutions.