We are watching the tsunami coming…
Which swimming costume are you going to put on?


by Gerald Straub

How does instancy / immediacy work in politics and what are the consequences of these momentary actualisations – acting as a creator of immediate emotions rather than building relevant tracks for a not so close future?


on TV, 3rd of March 2012 20h15 ORF2, ARD, SF

The project works with the notion of rehearsal and combines ephemeral moments of contentedness without a  past or future. Tulip bulbs are signed in the general rehearsal of the Austrian TV show "Musikantenstadl" and partly hidden in the decoration amongst other flowers. Later some of the bulbs are available during the "Untergang" Evening show at Tanzquartier Wien and the general public.

The Tulip bulb serves as a metaphoric item for a desire, as an embodiment of contentedness and a fulfillment of the paradisiacal / ideal / idyllic world in an instance of time. One, which can be found in many romantic popular folk music songs. Seemingly, without any political approach. A rehearsal is not needed for those moments - the act is the rehearsal and vice versa. On the other hand, the Tulip serves as an instable value; as a metaphor for one of the first speculative bubbles in the financial sector (Netherlands, 1637).

Where the world of “Schlager” can at least for a moment in time forget any past and future – politics does the same. Politics has become the world of "Schlager" (Circus / Spectacle), where constant rehearsals serve as a series of final live shows. Fulfilling its prophecies of participation without consequences. Everyone can be a “Wutbürger” at any moment. Immediately emotional but most probably irrelevant. Now, where politics are part of a “Schlager Circus”, could there be a  side effect of this immediate circus – an instantaneous power which goes beyond the pure fullfillment of the presents?