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By Luiz Simões and Sabina Simon
March 30. Halle G, TQ, Vienna

“A performative laboratory as discourse- space in the constantly recurring downfall and reconstruction game. …An artistic suggestion against the perhaps greatest danger – namely that in the end everything remains unchanged. “

(Extracted from Downfall-Art project’s abstract)


They say that today still exists, in the universe, the echo that comes from the beginning of everything, the echo that remained after the big bang. It has the properties of electromagnetic radiation like black matter, the temperature of 2,725K and its frequency, 160GHz, belongs to the spectrum of microwaves. A wave that covers everything, including the empty.


In its temporal dimension, to speak about echo directly suggests the idea of a prolonged post, a post-drama as the effect of that what is supposed to be the big bang. We recur to the idea of echo as being a post-something, but we find some difficulties in conceiving it as a pre.-something, not only as before, but also as cause-of, as cause of a new drama which would evoke a new echo and so on infinitely. This last idea makes us reflect on the circularity of time: What pushes this very circle to repeat itself relentlessly between an upside (alive, perceptible, present) or below (dead, forgotten, non existing)? Is there a moment of downfall between the up- and the downside?


The very term Downfall concentrates precisely in the point of not return, that is, in an event which, like for the entropy, enters a phase of irreversibility. A glass that falls down, will brake in small fragments without the possibility to return to its previous state of integrity. It enters a state of singular chaos that affects other systems, which transform, in crescendo, from their ordered state to a chaotic and potentially chaos-making state .


After that, nothing is the same. From social, political, economic, scientific or artistic orders, the echo of the drama rises until falling in the drama of the echo. Globally, an expanding universe is doomed to collapse, it is part of a (r-)evolutionary freedom that perhaps only in the downfall finds a way to born again.