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Bildschirmfoto 2012-03-07 um 16.10.43 By Mahony

Audioguide (Englisch), 4:35 min.

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"Once their novelty had subsided, the remains themselves of a destroyed world fell victim to vermin and neglect. Fewer than one hundred of these objects (many of early colonial origin) have been preserved until today." (Extract from the audioguide file)

Operación Pavo thematises the ongoing controversy between the Mexican Museo Nacional de Antropología and the Austrian Museum für Völkerkunde regarding the „Penacho de Moctezuma“ (feather headdress of Moctezuma). Over the years the discussion about the legitimate exhibition place for the object has become a political issue in both countries.

For listening to the audio guide one should enter the entrance hall of the Völkerkunde-Museum. The Museum, on this occasion, could get the byname "Museum of Decline" because some of the here shown artifacts derive from already lost cultures. The voice that one could hear through the headphones is talking about the history of a Feather Headdress that is also known as the "Penacho", which at one point of history arrived from Mexiko to Austria and is nowadays part of the Museum's Collection. In the narrative apparent facts and interpretations form a possible version of the story.

Mahony is a collective of artists based in Vienna: Stephan Kobatsch, Jenny Wolka, and Clemens Leuschner.


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Special Thanks to Albertina und Tonwelt